Sunday Brunch Update

Busy Busy Busy Sunday Bee's!!!!

Since the launch of our Sunday Brunch in April, we have been buzzin' on Sundays!!!!

We are delighted to have opened our doors an extra day to both our regular customers, and our new customers, that have flocked in herds to relax on our terrace with good food and a nice atmosphere; or sip away the hours with a coffee, the newspaper, free wifi & a sweet tasty treat from our selection of cakes!

The popularity of our Sunday Brunch has even been featured on an "Instagram Story" of the popular personal blog of ItsCorkLike, which we are grateful for!!

As the Bank Holiday weekend is approaching, we will be closed on Sunday 6th August. As a result, we are currently accepting bookings for Sunday Brunch on Sunday 30th July.

If you have not tried our Sunday Brunch yet, be sure to book Sunday 30th July.

Call us on 021 - 4617832.


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